Dhillukku Dhuddu-2 First Look Charges Up With More Spookiness And Thrills

He’s back to offer a toast of double the chills and thrills. Yes, the first look of Santhanam starrer Dhillukku Dhuddu-2 proves it all clearly that there’s lot to get beguiled here. The first look has clearly shown that it’s not just going to be one, but myriad horripilating stuffs in blend with humour. In addition, it’s not just going to be fun and shivers,

The film features Shirtha Sivadas from Kerala playing the female lead role. The makers had to go through lots of auditions to finalize the heroine as this characterization happens to be a substantial one forming an important part of the film. Others in the star-cast includes Motta Rajendran, Urvashi, Bipin of Jil Jung Juck fame, Ramar (Kalakapovathu Yaaru fame), Dhanasekar Kalakapovathu Yaaru Fame), Ayyappa Baiju (Famous Standup comedian Kerala) and few more familiar artistes.

Rambhala, director of Dhillukku Dhuddu fame is back with Santhanam in ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu-2’ as well. Shabir (Music), Deepak Kumar (Cinematography) and Madhavan (Editor) form the technical crew. The official announcements involving the teaser, audio and worldwide theatrical release will be made shorter in time.