Sivakarthikeyan 13th project produced by Studio Green

When an audience walking out of theatres utter, “It was a wholesome entertainer’ and take back home baggage of fun and enjoyment, what else could be a priceless joy for the creators crafted and presented it. Across the span of a decade, producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green, Filmmaker Rajesh and Actor Sivakarthikeyan have offered wholesome entertainers in their respective arenas. Now, it all becomes a triple impact as these powerhouse entertainers will be coming together.

Studio Green’ ‘Production No.9’ tentatively titled as ‘Sivakarthikeyan 13 #SK13’ was launched this morning with a ritual pooja.

Sharing some words on the project, producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja says, “When personalities like Rajesh and Sivakarthikeyan are coming together, one needn’t strain to analyse what genre, the film would belong to. Moreover, for a filmmaker like Rajesh, who is much illustrious for portraying his protagonists in accordance to the expectations of fans and family audiences, I am hopeful and confident that he will definitely cater to their tastes of what they expect from a Sivakarthikeyan film. Of course, Sivakarthikeyan hasn’t been merely an entertainer of masses, but has focalized on the part that his producers, distributors and exhibitors are benefitted well. So it’s so much elating to team up with such positive people and audiences can look forward to an enjoyable family entertainer.”

The official announcement about the cast and crew in this film will be made shortly.