I need all your blessings and prayers as we step up our support to our farmers!

A month ago the farmers under the leadership of the Thalaivar of the Tamilnadu Vivasaya Sangangalin Kootu Iyakkam Thiru. P. K. Deivasigamani approached me about helping a farmers family that has lost a farmer recently. And we helped them. When asked they told us about the 271 families of farmers that has lost a farmer to suicides. From thereon we discussed what we would do for the issue of the farmers and their increasing difficulties and suicides.
As an outcome – in one month’s time, now, we have identified 25 families from the 271 farmers familes and each of these 25 families will be given a pair of cows and a calf to sustain their livelihood in the absence of the breadwinner of the family. Also an amount of 25,000 will be given to each family to support them. This program will kick-start in Erode tomorrow.
We are also helping two families that have pawned their mangalsutras to clear their debts by repaying their loans. We want to ensure that until the Government is going to waive off the loans of the farmers – no farmer shall take his own life.
Whatever support I gave in a small way in the Jallikattu issue will be done in the farmers issue as well. And it will start tomorrow in Erode.
I have initiated a small help from my side from what i could do for this cause. I will share more information of the support we are offering in a couple of days – watch it and if you like it – please do join hands and offer your valuable support.
I need all your blessings and prayers as we step up our support to our farmers!
Vivasayigalin Uyir Kaapom – Solladhae Sei.
            Raghava Lawrence……..
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