Tribute To The Transgender Community From Sharmila Nair Of Red Lotus

1.What is Red Lotus?

We bring out the woman in you…

Elegant. Classy. Distinctive. Enduring. Sensuous. Traditional, yet contemporary. Ethnic, yet chic. And totally Indian…

Yes. It’s the saree we are talking about.

Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a saree does.
It’s one attire, where size is not an issue. One size (6 yards) fits all. It suits all occasions. It can be bought. It can be draped and fawned upon. It can be worn. It can be admired. It can be stored away for special occasions. It can be gifted… It helps to make a statement – of simplicity, class, richness, opulence, grandeur… Aesthetically Indian!

Every state of India has its own speciality sarees. Designed and woven by master weavers, who have done it for generations, attaining a perfection in their craft that would be hard to match.

We at RED LOTUS reach out to them. From Kanchi to Kasi, from Coimbatore to Kolkatha… We hand-pick their best creations and showcase them for you. We form the bridge between you and the weavers. We even customise exclusive designs, only for you, to suit specific occasions. To bring out the true woman in you. In all your beauty, splendour, elegance and grace.

From the traditional Kasavu sarees of Kerala, which are an incongruous mix of simplicity and grandeur to the opulent splendour of Kanchipuram silks… From the minimalistic Bengal and Coimbatore cottons to the heavy zardosi works of Lucknow… From the Mughal inspired luxurious brocades of Benares to the soft, yet durable daily wear silks from Arani and the zari works of Venkatagiri… We source them all for you, directly from the weavers; at unbelievably affordable costs.

2. Why this video?

They have existed from the beginning of times. The “in-between people”. Marginalised… Looked down upon with contempt… Objects of ridicule…

They are the Transgenders. People with the soul of a woman encased in the body of a man. People who are the victims of a cruel fate, who are an embarrassment to their family and shunned by society.

Today, with the dawn of awareness and thanks to the untiring efforts of several pressure groups, the transgender population, worldwide, is slowly standing up on their own feet. People with a definite identity. With talents and capabilities that can equal or better anybody else’s.

As a tribute to the newfound liberation of the Transgender community, Red Lotus dedicates an entire collection to them. Showcasing them in a new role – as models, who we are sure will soon be recognised as fashion icons.

We salute this segment of society that is virtually rising from ignominy to a place of respect and recognition in society.

3. Concept of this video?

Kochi-based designer, Sharmila Nair, had always been sensitive to the life and struggles of the members of the LGBTQ community. She was recently looking for inspiration for a new collection of sarees, which she found in the transgender women of Kerala. The final collection, Mazhavil, has come out more beautiful than she had expected.

Mazhavil translates to rainbow, and was an obvious choice for the name of the collection.We’ve worked with different causes before, but this one’s extra special. I wanted to know more about the transgender community, and my interaction with them has widened my thought process.”

The Red Lotus team shot a special video for the collection, and their models, Gowri and Maya, were thrilled to be part of the shoot. Maya had always loved wearing a saree, but she couldn’t do so in public until she came out, which is why the shoot was extra-special for her. Similarly, Gowri shared how the saree made her feel complete.

4. About Sharmila Nair

Sharmila Nair is a B.A. Literature from Cochin who is a designer by passion.
Contact number: +91 9446400699
Facebook page: Red Lotus
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