1st Edition of Play Button Short Film Fest 2018 by Indo-Russian Cinemas

The Evening of Friday was a crowded with contestants and supporters of Playbutton Short Film Festival here at Russian Center of Science and Culture. The excitement of the participants was high and so were their expectations. It started with positive vibes of National Award Winner Editor Lenin who arrived at the venue at right time and with chief guests of the evening Rathna Kumar ( Director of MeyaadaMaan) , Viddu Ayyana ( Cinematographer of MeyaadaMaan ) along with Mikhail Gorbatov ( Director RCSC ,Chennai ) and Venkatesh Kumar ( President of IndoRussian Cinemas) on the stage.
Started with Editor Lenin sharing his long experience in Film Industry. “This sort of platform is the real motivation to the young filmmakers. The recognition they get from such events are the real reward for their hard work. I know this from my own experiences and in those days the absence of such technology and platforms was the reason for our hardship. I request all the budding filmmakers to rightly make use of such occasions and platforms” said Editor Lenin.
“I am very honored to share this stage with very senior and experienced Editor Lenin. I am thankful to the event organizers for such opportunity” said Chief Guest of the evening Director Rathna Kumar. “The Short Films selected on this platform are good and My best wishes to all the filmmakers” he said.
Mikhail Gorbatov, who honored the Guests, said “More than 3 years of IndoRussian Cinemas, we have provided opportunity to all young talents and with this festival we have made it much wider”.”The public voting process was received well and I am glad we have adapted a new kind

of technology. This is just a start of a new era and we shall provide more opportunities to serious and dedicated talents in upcoming years” said Mikhail.
“Filmmakers responsibility is to give out a social message to audiences and I request all the budding filmmakers to know their responsibilities towards the society and act accordingly and I wish you all Success “said Venkatesh Kumar, President of IndoRussian Cinemas.
Certificates were provided to Top 20 Finalists by Editor Lenin and Mikhail Gorbatov followed by Awards.


Winner: Best Short Film Director (Tamil): VENKAT RATHINAM for Thambathiyam

Best Short Film (Tamil): KANAVI

2nd Best Short Film (Tamil): PESA VIZHIGAL

3rd Best Short Film (Tamil): PEN AASAI

Best Short Film Actor (Tamil): PREM DANAGANTH & CABRELLA SELLUS of Thambathiyam Best Short Film Story/ Screenplay Award (Tamil): MAYANADHI by Anandan Navukkarasu Special Jury Award (Tamil) KALVAR KOODAM
Best International Short Film (Any Language) LERA by Oleg Androsov


Winner of the Event Mr Venkat Rathinam has been selected and certified by Mikhail Gorbatov, trip to Russia under GenerationNext Progamme. Mr Venkat in his thanksgiving speech said “It would not have been possible with my team and friends who funded for this project. Over 20 friends funded for this project and I am thankful to them. We hired rag pickers and the slum people to act in this short film as I wanted to show the real life and struggles of this people. I am very in joy that lead roles of this short film were also awarded for their acting as I know how much hard work they did. Thank you IndoRussian Cinemas for providing us with such platform.”


Best Tamil Short Film of the Festival: KANAVI

A teenage school boy, after falling in love with a girl, writes a letter at late night to propose her. But one single incident changed his mindset totally. Aftermath that incident, he takes a decision, which most of people won’t do. This is a inspiring short film for teenagers which says that Education has to be ones priority, rest of attractions are illusions.

2nd Best Tamil Short Film of the Festival: PESAA VIZHIGAL

Pesaa Vizhigal is an Emotional Short Film. Based on Brother and Sister Relationship. It is a story of Blind brother struggling to buy a new dress for his Sister for her upcoming birthday. This short film reflects the life of disabled people and the struggle to satisfy their small wishes.

3rd Best Tamil Short Film of the Festival: PENN AASAI

A guy who addicted with lady he became a thief does so many bad things that will leads to loosing something that he will regret all his life.

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