Neelam Cultural Centre And Pa. Ranjith Are Proud To Present “The Casteless Collective’s” Debut Music Video “Magizhchi”

“Magizhchi” is a Tamizh word that contains many varied expressions like “happiness”, “joy”, “excitement”, “glee” etc;  But the truest joy that this word expresses can’t be captured in any other language. So why don’t we all integrate this Tamizh word and it’s spirit into our respective repertoire.  MAGIZHCHI!
Director: Pa.Ranjith
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan
Music Director: Tenma
Choreography: Sandy
Art Director: T.Ramalingam
Editing: Selva. RK
Lyrics – Stony Psycho, Dopedaddy, Arivu, Logan

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