Madhavan-Simran eternally elegant chemistry continues with ‘Rocketry’

Over the years, certain topics remain unanswered in showbiz and yet they are marveled upon. One among them is ‘Chemistry between the onscreen couple’, which isn’t confined to a particular season, but keeps us relished as we watch their movies even after years of its release. Apparently, our evergreen handsome Madhavan and ageless Simran have owned such adorable charisma, where they made everyone fall in love with their glistening chemistry in ‘Paarthale Paravasam’ (2001) and ‘Kannathil Muthamittal’ (2002). In fact, these were the films that didn’t showcase them as fun-loving romantic couples, instead had them inclined to complex situations indeed. Of course, that’s the beauty isn’t it? Harder the trials and tribulations, stronger the relationships are. Yes, it’s yet another round of ‘Complications’, but this time it’s not confined to family relationships, but on the external panorama for Maddy and Simran who are sharing screen space after a long hiatus of 17 years for the multilingual film ‘Rocketry’.

Rocketry deals with much more intense story and as everyone knows, it’s based on real life incidents, which will have the personal life of the protagonist as well. Being an amazing actress, Simran has always owned the habit of exerting an unparalleled graph of performance, which continues to be the same even with this film as well. With the images of Madhavan-Simran as Mr and Mrs Nambi getting virally sensational on social media, online and all media platforms with wowing response, the entire team of ‘Rocketry’ is unconditionally happy over the phenomenal reception.

‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’ has instilled a great impact from the time the announcements were made and its gradually adding up more attention with its progress of shooting. Significantly, this includes the remarkable transformation of Madhavan into silver grey haired Nambi, his directorial debut and now the images upon which our eyes refrain from blinking. Based on the real life shocking incidents of our country in 90s, the film is based on ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan, a cryogenic expert, framed as spy, jailed for years and later proved to be innocent.