GV Prakash’s New Journey With Unsung Heroes

There are unsung heroes in the unwritten stories, who in day to day journey keep showering their love, sharing joy and bringing light upon the abyss of deplored lives. They remain away from spotlights as they feel it’s the duty of humankind to spread light of happiness selflessly. But as ages and eras as witnessed and experienced, such good things can never remain buried. It’s time for these inspiring icons to get showcased under the public glare as music director-actor GV Prakash embarks on his journey of meeting such personalities.

GV Prakash says, “This was not an impulsive decision taken overnight, but something that deeply pondered in me for a long time. Yes, it’s true and appreciable that many from our industry have been involved in such activities of bringing the great personalities into the limelight. I wanted to do something on my behalf and this is a small initiative from my end.”

This show featuring GV Prakash will have him meeting and interacting with certain people, who have been a source of great help and contribution many, either in their neighborhood or sometimes, even beyond the boundaries. The show will be aired in GV Prakash’s official YouTube channel “Magathana Manidhargal” and the teaser is slated to be unveiled within next few days