32 years of Mr. India – The Invisible Superhero and Invincible Masterpiece

At times, Indian film industry has gifted its buffs with showpieces, whose magic remains as unfading fluorescently embellishments. More than showpieces, these movies are worthy to be ennobled as ‘Groundbreakers’, where they change the entire dimension of movie watching experience. In this aspect, there are very few movies that keep passing from one generation to the other with same celebrations. Undoubtedly, Mr. India released in 1987 has it magical essence spread beyond the years and still remains to be the cherry-pick of zillion. With the topic ’32 YEARS OF MR. INDIA’ trending highly on micro-blogging, online and media channels, it becomes more nostalgic not merely for its team, but for every audience, who witnessed first of its kind Bollywood’s Sci-fi entertainer on big screens.

Who can forget the Masterpiece’s unforgettable emblematic attractions like Arun Bhaiya-Seema Didi, The kids and calendar, the evergreen and ever cherishing song ‘Hawa Hawaii’ that made every Indian eyes and hearts miss the blinks and beats with the performance of reigning and immortal queen of Bollywood Late actress Sridevi or her unbeatable ‘Charlie Chaplin’ act that remains as the honeybunch of kids of not just 90s, but even the 20s too. More than all, the terrorizing ‘Mogambo’ and his trademark dialogue ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ that kept ringing as the favourite lines even in the non-Hindi speaking territories. The country’s most celebrated Shekar Kapur wielding the megaphone, the ever handsome Anil Kapoor becoming the overnight (Invisible) superhero of every kid in town and of course, the grand and luxuriant production by Boney Kapoor has made it an invincible masterpiece. In addition, Satish Kaushik’s lovable character as ‘Calendar’, Anu Kapoor’s entertaining part as Editor Gaitonde, Laksmikant Pyaralel’s mellifluous and enchanting songs that had wowing choreography by Saroj Khan and Salim Javed’s engrossing script turned to be the additional beautifications to the film.

The team ‘Mr. India’ at this point of time while celebrating the 32nd birthday of Mr. India remembers the unforgettable pillars of this film. It is one’s soulful dedication that makes them live amongst the hearts and memories of people immortally. In this aspect, they dedicate the moment remembering Late Sridevi Boney Kapoor’s most amusing performance and Veeru Devgn (Stunt choreographer and father of Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn who breathed his last yesterday).