Watchman Press Meet Stills

GV Prakash Kumar starrer Watchman is all set for a worldwide release on April 12. The team including producer Arunmozhi Manickam of Double Meaning Production, Editor Anthony, Actor Raj Arjun, actor Suman, PT Selvakumar, Director Vijay and GV Prakash Kumar were present:

Producer Arunmozhi Manickam of Double Meaning Production said, “Director Vijay sir has been illustrious for introducing many heroines who have become so famous and successful in the industry. We have made this film to offer as a good treat for family audiences. Although, it’s a thriller, the film will have sumptuous ingredients to savour the family audiences. I am really happy to have produced this film.”

PT Selvakumar who has been a major support for this film’s release said, “As soon as I decided to be a part of the film’s business, producer Arunmozhi sir asked to go for a limited release. He has always been concerned about everyone in the trade and wanted to be a benefit for all. We decided to release the film for this summer for we wanted to bring the kids and family into theatres for this vacation. The film is short and sweet with a crisp narration and the ones who have already watched the film have appreciated it.”

Editor Anthony said, “I thank the entire team for giving me an opportunity to work in the film. The best thing I liked about the film is how they have shot a film with dog. It’s a simple story, but the storytelling is incredibly good.”

Actor Raj Arjun said, “I am fortunate enough to be a part of this film. I thank the whole crew of this movie for giving me an opportunity. There are little dialogues in the film, but the impact will be definitely good.”

Actor Suman, “I thank Vijay sir and Arun sir for making me a part of this project. I am happy to get a role that is so much apt for my age. Tamil cinema has always been special to me. Although I am settled in Hyderabad, I never miss to watch the Tamil movies, especially the ones made by Vijay. Films like this can happen only in Tamil cinema for they are really talented on par with Hollywood movies. Vijay’s smart planning made the film complete on time. GV Prakash sir has done remarkable job and I have been a great follower of his music, but this acting skills are really great. He will be definitely a different and unique hero in the future. This will be definitely a different one and will set to be an example for such movies in the near future. The technical department has done something really bigger on par with Hollywood.”

Director Vijay said, “Producer Arunmozhi Manickam sir and I have been close friends for past 5 years. I am elated to have got got an opportunity to work with him. Everyone in the film have given their best. Raj Arjun sir has become the busiest person in Bollywood now and I feel lucky to work with him again after Thaandavam. Suman sir immediately responded to our approach. His combination scenes with Raj Arjun and GV Prakash are so much commendable and I really want to work more with him. GV Prakash has been the most important person for we have journeyed together in many movies. We have been friends beyond films and soon after working in Nachiyar, I really felt that it would be great to work him as an actor. As an actor, he has grown so much and would instantly emote as the script demanded. Samyuktha Hegde is being launched as heroine in this film.”

Actor GV Prakash Kumar said, “I thank Arunmozhi Manickam sir for this project. I have already worked with Vijay sir in around 8-9 movies. This is the first time we are working in different avatars. Everyone in the team have been so much patient and lots of importance has been given to reactions in this film. This will not be a regular film and it would be definitely a good treat to family audiences for this summer.”