Kaasuran Movie Stills

Kaasura – is a Crime Thriller movie directed by Ghitha Mohhan. For money (Kaasu) one man become Asura. That’s the base line of this movie. Main lead cast and details mentioned below Hero Shiva loving Jessy sincerely. But Jessy father Lawrence wants to separate Shiva and Jessy. Lawrence put Shiva into prison with his power and influence. After came out from the prison Shiva plan to get money from Lawrence. He joins hands with Umar (A rude criminal). Umar had a plan to take the money from Shiva. In between them Jessy become a doll. Shiva’s plan has been collapsed because of police. What happened to Jessy. How shiva survived from Umar and Lawrence will be the story line. Lead Shiva done by Sree, Jessy as Angana Arya, Umar as Srinivasan, Lawrence as Avinash, Maaya as Kavitha Radheshyam and others. This movie produced by Sree. The director of Tamil movie Damaal Dumeel turns Producer with his friend SRJ. This is a movie produced by 30 members of his friends. It has been shot as Bilingual Tamil and Kannada Version.


Angana Arya
Kavitha Radheshyam


Produced by – Sree, SRJ
Co-Produced by – Jayanthy.P, Manikandan.P, Balaji.P, Nikhil Prakash
Directed by – Ghitha Mohhan
Cinematographed by – Parandhagan E
Music by – Pranav Giridharan
Editing – Bhuvanesh Manivannan
Action – G
Choreoraphy – Lalitha Shobi
Art Director – S.S.Susee Devaraj
Lyrics – Jay & Manoj Prabhakaran M
Screenplay & Dialogue – Sree
PRO – Nikil

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