Seemaraja Gave Me An Opportunity To Work With People With Golden Hearts – Simran

There are certain wonders that remain static in Tinsel Town with very personalities holding their topmost stature beyond years. SIMRAN – The undisputed reigning queen has absolutely enjoyed the privilege of having diehard fans, who still label as their favourite heroine despites many arrivals in K-Town…

Accomplishing such a feat of mark through her works, could anyone would have envisaged that Simran would be seen in a role with negative shades. “So was my mindset, when I was initially approached by Ponram sir for playing a negative role in Seemaraja. I was literally reluctant to take up such offers, but it happened that Ponram was patient enough to wait for my time to narrate the script. Once, I got to hear the script and how my character has been shaped rhetorically, my decisions abruptly changed and I got onboard for this film.”

So what happened to the cynosure of her eyes while working in this film? “I would say, the entire team itself. Seemaraja gave me an opportunity to work with people of golden hearts. Everyone in the cast and crew worked with so much dedication just as a family. Having worked with many teams across the years, I felt so much positivity prevailing among them. Especially, for a director-actor duo that has already delivered couple of decent hits, there are chances, where they might take audiences for granted. But Sivakarthikeyan, Ponram and everyone in the team were so much concerned about offering the audience, some best than their previous works,” says Simran.

Seemaraja has its way towards the worldwide release on September 13 with producer RD Raja of 24 AM STUDIOS intensely involved in the promotional works on his best. The songs composed by D Imman have already been ringing consistently in all radio stations and playlists. With exquisitely elegant visuals by Balasubramaniam and entertainment package, the final touch in trailer has incited huge expectations for the film’s release.