Viu To Bring New Digital Show Nila Nila Odi Vaa – A New-Age Experience For Tamil Audiences

When you have the lines picked from ‘Nila Nila Odi Vaa’ as the title, we are definitely bounded to limitless presumptions that it could be something about ‘Children’. But the surprisal stroke occurs with a twist, where it’s a Vampire based Rom-Com. The panache of Web series is that it gives a vast panoramic scope for innovations to pioneer with. While ‘Vampire’ stories have been familiarly linked up with Hollywood and western film industries, here’s a leap in our very own Tamil industry by Global Video on Demand platform ‘Viu’. Filmmaker Nandini JS attempts with a web series, ‘Nila Nila Odi Vaa’ featuring Ashwin Kakumanu and Sunaina Yella in lead roles.

Emerging as a strong winner in the world of a digital platform, Viu has already captured everyone’s interest through many elements. This Vampire based Rom-Com can be streamed on Viu from 24th July. Sending her fluent words of praises for Viu, Nandini JS says, “It’s not such an easy thing for a creator or director to have their earnest freedom spread out as some creative compromises had to be made with accordance to the producers. However, Viu was an absolute exception, where it’s not just their well organized and meticulous approach for every detail in production, but their gesture to offer me complete freedom to experiment on the creative side helped me a lot.”

Sharing some light upon the characterization of lead actors, she says, “Ashwin Kakumanu will be seen playing the role of a Tattoo Artist Om, whose life takes a turn after realizing that his college crush Nila (Sunaina Yella) has turned into a deadly vampire now. Ashwin has strived a lot to achieve the perfection into the characterization that he has essayed. Insignificance to his role, he’ll be sporting more tattoos and his performance would be far matured than before. On her part, Sunaina had remained intensely excited to play a Vampire. Her beautiful looks and phenomenal performance blended unconditionally has given more soul to her role.”

The director also feels elated to have got outstanding actors onboard – Srikrishna Dayal, Ashwath, Gabriella, Meesha Ghoshal, Anupama Kumar, Abhishek Vinod, Praveen, Shira, and Harish.

A vampire based Rom-Com could be easy to define in words or narrating the script, but the greatest challenge lies beneath the strength of the technical team. Nandini JS adds, “The entire league of technicians has imparted their best into it. Since the genre needs the accompaniment of dark and eerie visual ambiance, DoP Vijay Armstrong used practical lights rather than traditional film set lighting. Since, a Tattoo Studio would be central set up of the story, Kamal (Art Director), Vijay and I had to work a lot for getting a different look and set up for Vampire based sequences. Music director Ashwath’s BGM, three beautiful songs, and a trendy title track will be definitely noticed by everyone. Director Prabhu Chandrashekar has delivered mind-boggling stunt sequences, which will be as powerfully as in any action movie.”