Tovino Thomas Press Note on Abhiyum Anuvum

Tamil film buffs have always been someone special to the neighboring film industries. It’s always been a kind of special experience for the actors being commuted from there to Kollywood as our audiences keep their ‘Welcome’ gesture with great happiness, even before their debuts would happen. “This is a kind of rarity that not many other industries would obviously do. Tamil audiences made me feel special as soon as they got to know that my debut here will be happening with Abhiyum Anuvum. Their great heartedness pushes me into furthermore responsibility of delivering what they expect me,” says Tovino Thomas, who is the current sensation of South Indian industry from God’s own country.

While sharing his words on working with a promising team of Abhiyum Anuvum, Tovino says, “On the first note, the script and the projection of my characterization. Vijayalakshmi madam has penned the story with so much intensity that the two lead characters convey the emotions in its own ways… Especially, to work with the Asia’s first ever woman cinematographer like Vijayalakshmi is a real bliss. The backdrops she has set the story and how cinematographer Akilan has perceived her ideas and translated them into beautiful celluloid will be appreciated by everyone.”

Adding furthermore, Tovino claims, “I would say Pia Bajpai is definitely one of the rarest impeccable performers of the contemporary cinema. She would be completely normal and jovial on the sets, but the moment she goes before the camera lens, it’s an incredulous transformation.”