Boss is Back

It’s the current talk going on not only in Tollywood but also in both the Telugu states that the Boss is back. Yes, Boss is back.
Mega star Chiranjeevi’s 150th film has kick started with its regular shoot from 23rd of this month.  It is the breaking news in all the news channels as soon as the shoot has began; it was the celebrating moment for all the mega fans.
Even though after a nine long years of gap, the mega star is back, all the fans are in a gleam that whether he could put up to the fans expectations and satisfaction with his body language, dance, action and dialogue delivery to keep up his charisma for which he was famous as of now.
 The answer for this is Cine Maa Awards function.
On Sunday during the event of Cine Maa Awards, Chiranjeevi once again exhibited his talent.  He exhibited a total of six getups from his popular five films, which made the spectators to stick to their chairs.  It would be surprised by saying that the whole shooting was covered within one day
K. Vishwanath’s directorial venture, “Swayam Krushi” was released 20 years back.  Chiru has rendered a cobbler’s role, which is one of the best performance in his carrier.  He even received best actor Nandi Award for this role. How will it be if it is once again performed by Chiru?
Ghrana Mogudu is one of the biggest hit in Chiru’s carrier.  The character Raju, he played in that movie, every youth considered themselves to be the reflection of their life.  How it would be if he portrays the same character now.
Likewise, Chiru’s role in Mutta Mesthri, Indrasenareddy in Indra, and Sankar dada in Sankar Dada MBBS.  It will be overwhelming for us if we see those roles again in Chiranjeevi.
Yes, undoubtedly we can see those roles in Chiranjeevi which was proved by Cine Maa Awards.  The grace and charisma of Chiranjeevi is still the same.  He was looking much younger in those characters, which he was in those days.  His fans and audience got excited watching him in those getups, watching him live.
His inspiring element in Swayam Krushi, entertainment part of Ghrana Mogudu, mass appeal of Mutta mestheri, Indra’s dynamic action, and comedy timing of Sankar Dada MBBS, all these elements are being clubbed together in his 150th film.  The performance which he showed in Cine Maa Awards was just a trailer of his 150th film.
His 150th film shooting is taking place at brisk pace.  Makers are working hard to release this film for Sankranti 2017.  So, with this we can assume that the Boss is Back.  Mega star is back.