Over 6.3 Crores collected as crowd-fund for YouTube sensations Gopi Sudhakar’s film!

Sudhakar Gopi who rose to fame through their YouTube videos, recently decided to make their debut as Lead Roles in the film industry through a crowd-funded film.

The two YouTube sensations started their own production company called “Parithabangal Productions” and finalized debutant director SAK, who has worked as an assistant director to a number of leading directors, to direct their film in Kollywood.

Both Gopi and Sudhakar announced that they would be playing the lead in this film. The duo, through their Parithabangal YouTube Channel, announced that their film would be a crowd-funded one and appealed for funds from their fans and the public to make their film.

Their appeal evoked a phenomenal response from fans and viewers as funds started pouring in, right from the day the appeal was made. Sources confirm that as of today, the film unit has been able to generate a sum of Rs 6.3 crores through crowd funding. The money has been generated through Fundmelon, a crowd funding app.

Interestingly, over 27,000 people have contributed funds to make this film. Not just that, even organisations have turned sponsors and offered funds. This overwhelming response has made the film, the biggest crowd-funded film in Asia in terms of the money generated through crowd funding and in terms of the number of people who have contributed funds to the film.

The film unit has announced that all important details of the film including its various stages of completion will be provided to all those who have crowd funded the film through an exclusive website that has been created for them. The team is making efforts to provide all details of the film to every contributor right from the time work started on the film to ensure that every contributor feels like a producer of the film.

Talks are on with popular actors to play other important roles in the film. Nijai, who has worked as an associate cameraman for Jil, Jung, Jak, Aval, Baahubali and some Netflix series, has been finalised as the cinematographer for this film.

The film unit has announced that the title of the film and the details Cast and crew will be announced soon officially .