Kanne Kalaimaane gets International recognition now

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Seenu Ramasamy has possessed a quality that thrusts audiences into attention. Especially, the way he exhibits the beauty of nativity with so much realistic story premise and naturalistic characters commutes us into his world of movies. Incisively, this has made him a favourite filmmaker of not just our home town, but across various regional industries. Now, his recent outing “Kanne Kalaimaane” has carved a niche of spectacular recognition at couple of International film festivals. The Udhayanidhi Stalin-Tamannaah starrer film has been officially selected for Jury Review at Dada Saheb International Film Festival Mumbai 2020 and winning ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ at 30th season of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.

Sharing the good news, National award winning filmmaker Seenu Ramasamy says, “I feel this more as a victory to our entire Tamil film fraternity. More than being happy, it’s been an enlightening process, where I have discovered a new genre called ‘Human Relationships and Emotions’, which can touch and appeal anyone beyond the language and regional ties. Even before making its way into such International Film Festivals, I was greatly rejoicing over the critical reception of the film among press, media and general audiences. There were times, when award winning films were more termed as ‘Art’ genre and wouldn’t have a proper recognition among general audiences, but to see ‘Kanne Kalaimaane’ getting ticked in both the boxes gives me more courage and confidence to proceed making such movies in near future. I thank Udhayanidhi Stalin and Tamannaah, who breathed more life into their characterizations and the entire crew.”