Actress Dushara Talks About Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari

Actress Dushara has captivated the glares and spotlights with her appearance in the promos of Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari. Well, the actress has lots to share about the film, especially working with a team of unique talents and potentials.

Actress Dushara says, “Getting to work with this team is indeed a great lovable and fun-filled experience. In fact, these enjoyable moments had a boosting impact while shooting. I must thank everyone in the team for being so much amusing.” Continuing to add upon how she got the opportunity to work in Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari, she says, “Initially, director Chandru sir called me and asked if I am interested to be a part of this film. We didn’t have major conversation over the film’s entire narration, but the core theme of this movie kindled my interest and vigorousness to be a part of it. However, I didn’t have any communication from his end for a very long time pertaining to this project. Surprisingly, after couple of months, I got a call and Chandru sir asked if I can come over to office for hearing the script. I was quite frozen in astonishment to hear that I am getting signed up for the project hardly 4-5 hours before the movie pooja.”

Having shared upon the way she got onboard, Dushara continues showering praises upon director Chandru saying, “His clarity of getting what he wants from artistes and technicians was so precise, which has yielded a picture-perfect output. Although, he might underplay stating that he isn’t proficient with technical aspects, I would say that he owns a unique vision of how to bring up the end product perfectly.”

Getting on with the lead actor Dheeraj, she says, “He is highly energetic and is thoroughly dedicated. A successful artiste has the quality of being enthusiastic round the clock and Dheeraj has it in excess. He would have the same energy and high spirits by the end of day as it was by the first shot.”

Scheduled for worldwide release on July 12, Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari is directed by Chandru KR and is produced by Sreenidhi Saagar for Rise East. While Dheeraj, Pradaini and Dushara will be seen in lead roles, the film has a promising bunch of actors that includes Radharavi, Charlie, Ajay and few more. KP is composing music for this film, which has a visual Midas-touch by cinematographer Balasubramaniem that is already getting raving acclaims. VJ Sabu Joseph is handling editing and Kathir Natarasan has penned the screenplay.