‘Pasanga’ fame Kishore on “House Owner”

He became an overnight member of every family with his cute innocuous natured role in ‘Pasanga’ that was followed by his ambitious teen avatar in ‘Goli Soda’. With decorous fame that Kishore has garnered, the actor steps into a much matured role with his upcoming film “House Owner” directed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan that is slated for this Friday (June 28) release.

Being an actor, who has never been on a hurry to choose random projects, Kishore speaks about how special is this film to him. “Having gained some recognition through movies like Pasanga, Goli Soda and Sagaa, I was little choosy about my projects. This might seemingly look like an overinflated statement, but I believed that only different and unique scripts are going to push me furthermore in this journey as an actor. At this point of time, “House Owner” came as a blessing upon me and I am unconditionally thankful to Lakshmy Ramakrishnan madam for choosing me. What I really admired in her is her vision. Even before starting the shoot, she was completely sure about how the output of each character should be. Such a strong determination made us perform exerting our best. There were some sequences that were tougher to perform, but Lakshmy madam would enact and show us even the minutest expressions that made our job easier. I really learnt a lot working in “House Owner” and I desire to keep working with her in the near future so that I can inherit more acting skills from her,” says Kishore.

Getting on to share about his co-star Lovelyn Chandrashekar, he says, “She is undoubtedly going to be the charming attraction of tinsel town. The way she got into the skin of character was incredible…”

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has penned the script and directed “House Owner”, which is based on some real life incidents set against the backdrops of Chennai’s disastrous floods. The film has musical score by Ghibran with Krishnasekhar T.S. giving the real life pictorial feel of moistening rain through his cinematography and Tapas Nayak adorning it with precise ‘Sound’. C.S. Prem Kumar has handled editing with Karky and Anuradha penning lyrics for this film, which is produced by Dr. Ramakrishnan for Monkey Creative Labs and AGS Cinemas releasing it all over Tamil Nadu on June 28.