Producer Boney Kapoor Press Release

From Hum Paanch to Mom, Boney Kapoor loves playing a perfect host to his cast & crew .

Being humble and down-to-earth, producer Boney Kapoor is not only famous for his friendliness but also for his hospitality among his friends, crew & colleagues. The veteran producer, who made his first independent film Hum Paanch in 1979/80always makes sure that his crew is treated well.

During the shoot for his debut film Hum Paanch, Kapoor is seen serving food to his cast & crew , It’s not all, he also constructed 20 cottages with attached bathrooms for their stay as the nearest hotel from the location was more than 100 miles away, during the shoot. There were 2 separate cottages for a movie theatre & a club house for indoor games. He also made badminton court and movie theatre had a choice of 40 different movies to keep the cast & crew entertained.

Take a look at this picture, Boney can be seen serving food to the cast. Sanjeev Kumar, Mittun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Gulsan Grover, Ranjit Sood, AK Hangal, and Uday Chandra can be seen eating together.

He did the same during the shoot of his last film Mom, in Georgia’s snow capped mountains, The film is very special for Boney Kapoor as it was Sridevi’s 300th film.