Agam Thaanai From Sillu Karuppatti Enlivens The ‘Valentine’ With More Love

If you’re brimming with thoughts the season of Valentine is getting diminished, it’s time to revamp your beliefs for the real toast is yet to arrive. Of course, every Valentine endows the musical ‘Lovers’ with sumptuous feast of songs, which become the seasonal anthems and this ‘February’ wasn’t an exception. But, here’s a number that will imprint your hearts with more love and these phrases “Agam Thaanai Arigiradhey – Arimugam Ini Etharku?” (When souls have predestinately fused, are introductions necessary?)from Sillu Karuppatti that has wowed all with its pleasant verses and music. Such a blunt reality of divine love beautifully conveyed in simple words is sure to drench everyone in showers of love through the first single from Sillu Karuppatti that was launched recently.

Rejoicing over the resplendent reception of the song, director Halitha Shameem says, “Love is such a strange feeling, where we come across someone we haven’t met before, but feel a strong connect as though we have conversed and journeyed for ages flows. That’s the beauty of divine love isn’t it? where souls have already merged even before we physically come across each other. It remains as an inevitable truth and if not, the moment hasn’t arrived for the ones who have a disbelief in this. We could feel the essence of Love prevailing in every musical notation as Pradeep Kumar played us the tune first. Having proved as an exceptional deliverer of enchanting love songs through his vocalisms, I am happy that he has brought forth an addition through his musical strokes with Sillu Karupatti.”

Pradeep Kumar who has earned a splendid reputation for crooning some of the mellifluous tracks like Kannamma, Maayanadhi, Aagaayam Theepidicha, Aagasatha Naan Paakuren, Mogathirai and many such numbers has crooned the song, which is penned by Halitha Shameem.

Sillu Karuppatti is an anthology of four cute love stories set against the urban backdrops. Produced by Venkatesh Velineni for Divine Productions, the star-cast comprises of Samuthirakani, Sunainaa, Leela Samson, Sara Arjun, Manikandan K and few more familiar actors.