Kanne Kalaimaane Pre Release Event Stills

Kanne Kalaimaane has become a much loveable and greatly expected film for the maverick filmmaker Seenu Ramasamy has been delivering commendable movies. As the film is getting ready for release on February 22, the entire team was present for the media and press interaction session.

Editor Kasi Viswanathan who has worked with Seenu Ramasamy for the first time rendered his speech with few words.

Actor Shaji who has written many books said, “I am a huge fan of Seenu Ramasamy sir from his first film. His movies have always been awe-inspiring. There are very rare filmmakers who are far-famed for their middle cinema, which has realistic premises and yet it manages to become an intriguing attraction for all universal audiences.”

Villain actor Nagendran said, “After watching the film this morning, I realised one thing that Udhayanidhi Anna has breathed life into the role of Kamala Kannan. As Bharathi, Tamannaah has given a beautiful performance as girl to next door. This is a film beyond those criteria of box office collections and centres for it will definitely win the hearts of everyone and remain in their favourite lists forever. I am sure Seenu Ramasamy sir will continue to make good movies like this in the future.”

Director-actor Saravanan Sakthi said, “The sign of a good movie is that you will have the impact of silence and deep thinking moments after watching it. Such was the experience of watching Kanne Kalaimaane. Only the climax with tragic endings create so much impact but Kanne Kalaimaane has offered it with a pleasant touch like a fragrant flower sailing through the streams.”

Cinematographer Jalandhar said, “We have completed shooting the entire film in 45 days. Seenu Ramasamy sir films have already possessed unique traits of having locations as major backdrops. Kanne Kalaimaane will have greens pastures and we had loveable moments throughout the movie. Whenever I used to get scared, Seenu Ramasamy sir would encourage me with motivating words. I have been a huge fan of Yuvan Shankar Raja sir from childhood and am sure this film will have s a great prominence for female characters.”

Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja said, “Seenu sir and I are working together for the third time. Usually, we make use of our erstwhile tunes in the new one, but this one demanded for lots of freshness. This is my favourite movie that Udhayanidhi has done till the date. This will be a film of new colour for the audiences.”

Actress Vasundhara said, “I am feeling lucky to have worked with Seenu sir for the second time. All characters in this film are poetic. I congratulate Tamannaah for this being her 50th film. Female are powerful but loving and caring is what the film depicts.”

Actress Tamannaah said, “After shooting the film before a year, I didn’t have any connection with the project and entire team. This morning, it was like watching a different and new film. I am really content and satisfied. Seenu Ramasamy sir has packaged the film with so many emotions. I am sure anyone watching this film without subtitles will be able to love and understand the emotions. I am still having the character of Bharathi resonating within me. Usually, I have been negligent to ask a hero whether we can work together, but I am now asking Seenu Ramasamy sir to think about me again for his future movies. Yuvan Shankar Raja has been a part of my life in industry. Songs are themselves characters in the film. Cinematographer Jalandhar sir has made me look so good. I respect Udayanidhi sir for producing this film. I was surprised to see that Seenu sir has made such a beautiful film in a short span of time.”

Producer-actor Udhayanidhi Stalin said, “There have been many press meets of my erstwhile films where I used to talk so many things, but I am so confident that this will be a good film. I thank each and everyone for being a part of this film. The entire technical crew has done a beautiful work. Be it art department where a school was converted into bank or the cinematographer who has captured beautiful scenes, everyone are excellent. Vasundhara has done the role of a childhood friend of mine in the film and her role is so much challenging. I recommend and suggest Tamannaah to act In Seenu Ramasamy sir films at least once a year. Her role in this film is so much enthralling and it will be more reflective with all women and men. She has portrayed herself well with the role of Bharathi excellently. I have an emotional
Episode with Vadivukarasi Amma in climax and it is unforgettable. When it comes to music, it was a different experience as the songs were composed only after the completion of shooting. I am not bothered about the success or failure of Kanne Kalaimaane, but I will definitely work with Seenu sir in one more film. I am sure this film will be a commendable one after Manithan and Nimir.”

Actress Vadivukarasi said, “Unlike many filmmakers who make a fake promise that they will sign me for the next film, but as said Seenu sir promised during the shoot of our earlier films kept signing me and now am really happy that he has made me a part of Udhayanidhi Stalin thambi Movie as I have been a great fan of his movies and also had felt envy about the roles in his movies that I wanted to perform. I have seen many in the industry being acknowledged as down to earth, but Udhayanidhi thambi is the real one as to find down to earth nature in someone who is born with golden spoon. There was a particular scene in the movie where he had to pick earth worms in hand and i was really doubtful whether Udhay would be able to do it and he surprised me. The final scene where he tells me “Appatha” with crying tone, I naturally got the tears. There is a scene in the film where Tamannaah cries in the film without using glycerine. Only Seenu sir can get the best from the actors.”

Filmmaker Seenu Ramasamy sir said, “After Dharmadurai, I couldn’t convince anyone with a good story. Even after the success of this film, I didn’t get any good offers until Vijay Sethupathi came back and gave me an offer for MAAMANITHAN. But with his projects lined up one after the other, I got an opportunity to write story for new projects and it was then I wanted to meet them at Red Giant Movies. I am really grateful to Udhayanidhi sir for accepting a film that has substantial roles for women. He is such a wonderful performer and even if he acts in 10 movies with realistic premise, his stature in industry will remain unshakable. Initially, there were some difference of opinions but gradually we got acquainted. As a producer, he would often keep suggesting to spend more budget, but i wanted this to be a money conserving one. I want to say something that my film will not cheat anyone. Tamannaah is such a good soul as she is someone who understood the scenes and emotionally reacted with her eyes moistened. We have used the reference of Late CM Jayalalitha Amma , the way she walked and dressed. This is because her role is so much powerful as a woman of strong thinking.”