Independent Film Festival of Chennai (IFFC) 2019 Press Release

Thamizh Studio has been actively working towards good cinema ever since its inception in 2008. Based out of Chennai, it has initiated many endeavors targeted towards Independent cinema and Independent artists throughout its 11 years journey. Since it felt that progress in Indie scene isn’t sufficient and that it wanted to up the ante, Tamil Studio commenced Independent Film Festival of Chennai in 2018.
Now it’s gearing up for the second year coming February. For those who don’t know much about Thamizh Studio Film Movement, here’s a short introduction. Thamizh Studio was initially started as a web portal in 2008 with a vision of creating a platform for alternate media. As time passed by, it branched out to various domains.
Most important among them are Padimai Film tranining movement, Pesaamozhi publication, Padachurul monthly magazine and Pure Cinema Bookshop. After all these attempts too, Thamizh Studio felt that the Independent Film making in Tamil Nadu isn’t getting the pace it warranted. At that instance only, Thamizh Studio conducted the first edition of IFFC in 2018 amidst high odds.
Apart from screening six films from six different languages, IFFC 2018 sent down ripples in Tamil Indie film scene through its discussions and award. This year, many more such surprises are along your way. ‘Cinema Sandhai’ is one among them. It has been planned as a one-stop destination for all Independent film needs. Next, IFFC has a ‘Classic Films’ section, which will screen never-before-seen yesteryear movies exclusively for IFFC participants.
This year schedule has more than 35 Indie films, which includes some Mrinal Sen Films under ‘Homage to Mrinal Sen’ section. IFFC is not only about screening movies, it has Master classes, Panel Discussions and an Open forum too. The tickets for the festival cost Rs. 250 for general public. For Film Students and Assistant Technicians, tickets cost Rs. 150.
Opening Ceremony is at Prasad 70 mm screen on February 8 5 PM. Further films will be screened at Prasad preview theatre, Prasad 70 mm and MM preview theatre. Thamizh Studio welcomes you all, and requests you to take this forward to the people. For further details, please contact us through below details.