Rajinikanth’S Daughter Soundarya Set To Marry Vishagan

Vishagan is the Executive Director of Apex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading family-owned pharmaceutical company in India. Vishagan comes to India after completing his graduation in Management from Bradford University, U.K. and a Masters in Management from London University. Vishagan has been instrumental in emphasizing new products.

Vishagan took charge as an Executive Director, Apex in 2016. He is the second generation entrepreneur with a strong vision to place Apex Laboratories on the global map with its 100% ethical marketing and supply of quality products. He heads the Operations and Business Development, with focus on Product Delivery, Innovation and International Business Development.

Meticulous, energetic and diligent, Vishagan sets high standards of performance for himself and his team. Under his leadership, the marketing team will design and execute unique marketing initiatives for the company, he is very passionate about infusing the concept of “Reducing the Time to Market and also redesign specific molecules for other indications” among the Management and Executives, to steer the company ahead for achieving its ambitious goals.

On his plans for the company, Vishagan said, “Apex Laboratories has always set benchmarks in the Indian pharmaceutical industry through its unique approach, well-planned business strategy, commitment to product innovation, customer care and viable business structure,”

The challenge now is to sustain the leadership position. He believes that the key to success would be customer satisfaction and this can be achieved by having individual rapport with customers. Currently, Apex is exporting to 21 countries, having established a strong domestic player, Apex is today well prepared to expand its global footprint in the coming years…..