Actress Radhika Prasidhha Press Release

Theater artiste Radhika Prasidhha has already proved herself as an actress of phenomenal dimensions by being too choosy with scripts and has never been on a rush. The actress has now established her directorial proficiency in addition to her high caliber performance through an experimental short film ‘I Exist’, which has been showered with incredulous acclaims. The 15-minute short film has won awards at All Lights India International Film Festival, Cochin (Best Short – International Competition Category) and Woodpecker International Film Festival, New Delhi (Best Short Film – Gender). Furthermore, it has been officially selected for screening at Rolling frames international short film festival, Bengaluru, Cherry picks Berlin Film Society, Festival of women making films Philadelphia chapter and Chennai international documentary and film festival.

The film focalizes on the gender disparity and sexual harassment, which is conveyed through the mindset of a typical Indian woman at different phases of her life, all played by Radhika Prasidhha herself. “Initially, I wrote this script for theatre play, but the role I performed in this Short film adaption was enacted by other actors. My earnest intention of acting in this short film was to explore other scales of performance and challenge myself with interpreting these sensitive characters as I was offered stereotypical roles after my films like Kuttram Kadithal and Kadugu. It was also as an attempt to come to terms with my own personal complexities. After the completion, we did feel that the film will be definitely selected for screening at short film festivals, but winning awards was something we never anticipated,” opines Radhika Prasidhha.

While briefing about the decision on launching this film on YouTube platform for public viewing, Radhika says, “What propelled me was the topic involving the sexual harassment, which is being heavily discussed on social media and online portals. It gave me more courage and reassurance that this work will be accepted and needs to be seen”.

The ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ actress is also penning scripts for few more theater plays and has currently signed up for a film, which she feels that it’s too early to divulge anything about.