Sabarimala MN Nambiar Event

Manjari Narayanan Nambiar was born on in a small village in North Kerala. He lost his parents at the young age of and was brought up by his sister at Ooty. Fascination for drama made him run away from his house at the age of. He joined the then famous Nawab Rajamanickam Drama troupe .

Struggling against all odds, he rose from such difficult beginnings to be the Super Star Villain of Tamil Cinema, so much so that our Super Star Rajni Kanth mimiciked him with great success in his film Kabali. That was his popularity.

The person behind the villainous mask was just the opposite.. In life he was a simple, gentle human being who led a completely disciplined life.

His devotion to Swamy Ayappan is well known. More than that his adherence to the Sabarimala Vratham was extremely strict. And he insisted on all his Sishyas following it to the letter at least for the 41 day Vratham period.

To him Swamy Ayappan and his annual Sabarimala Yatra was everything , starting in. he continued visiting Sabarimala till – nearly years.

If Sabarimala is so popular today, it is hugely duevto the tireless efforts of this Mahaguruswamy who took with him so many celebrities- Sivaji Ganesan, Rajkumar,. Rajni Kanth , Amitabh Bachchan to name a few- to popularise the Sabar Yatra.

Today a small beginning is being made to spread the message of Mahaguruswamy M.N.Nambiar to the crores of Ayappa Bakthas who throng Sabarimala. Pamphlets with his invaluable advice on the Sabari Yatra and the Vratham are being released in Tamil Telugu Kannada and Malayalam. More such initiatives will be undertaken throughout this Centenary Year culminating on the 19 the of November.-the day in 2008 that Mahaguruswamy left us.

As he embarked on his final journey Guruswamy M.N.Nambiar was clad in the saffron clothes of a Ayappa Baktha and surrounded by thousands of his admirers and hundreds of his Sishyas chanting the mantra that was his life breath.