Oncology-2018 Press Release

Cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health care challenges. On the whole, research progress from one year to the next is incremental, and true breakthroughs are exceptional.

Nevertheless, every year brings new knowledge and insights that help direct further research and ultimately improve the outlook for patients with cancer. What’s New in Oncology-2018-deliberated on the guidelines for Clinical Practices from an ‘Indian-Perspective’.

“What’s new in Oncology 2018? – Clinical Practice Guidelines.’ Indian Perspective”
One day scientific symposium was held which discussed the practice-changing discoveries Medical, Surgical, Radiation Oncology and sub specialties, “Multi Disciplinary Approach to Cancer’ & other allied topics. Case based discussions were held too. About 200 delegates from all over Tamilnadu and other major institutions in India participated.

Convenor- Prof Dr Anita Ramesh (Chandra)
DCH (UK ), MD , Dip NB , DM (Medical Oncology ), MSc Oncology (UK ), MBA , PhD
Professor and Head Medical Oncology
Saveetha Medical College Hospital. Saveetha University . Chennai
Senior Consultant Medical and Paediatric oncology Apollo speciality hospital , Sanker Netarlaya , HCG Cancer Centre. Chennai
Founder, CEO and Managing Trustee. Freedom from Cancer Research and Relief Foundation. Public trust