Radhika Sarathkumar Joins Sivakarthikeyan-Nayanthara Starrer ‘SK 13’

POSITIVITY is one word that unceasingly keeps ornamenting the sets of Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming film tentatively titled SK 13. Especially, for a movie wielded by filmmaker like Rajesh, who always yields himself to such to jovialness, the team has now obtained one more concrete adornment. Yeah! This is all about Radhika Sarathkumar joining the shoot of ‘SK 13’, which has spread the delights in ampleness.

Sharing the good news, filmmaker Rajesh says, “All that I can say elatedly is that the positivity on our sets is vividly increasing day by day. I am literally bestowed with such overwhelming moments right from the time we started shooting. A producer like K.E. Gnanavel Raja who enjoys every bit of process in catering our needs is indeed the major reason. Of course, one needn’t delineate the ebullient nature of Sivakarthikeyan. His amusing nature to keep everyone around him with fun and joy keeps rejuvenating our energy. Not to miss the vitality of Nayanthara that has been unchanging after years. Now, with Radhika mam joining this film, things are brimming with much more positivity. She plays a pivotal role for which she alone can do justice. Her amazing presence gives this film a huge content orientation. To see such an amazing bunch of not just excellent actors, but people of such a great nature come together, I am really privileged and am sure this is shaping our film in a much elegant way. Especially to have Hiphop Aadhi, a symbolic significance of music and celebrations is a resplendent boon to us.”

SK 13 is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films.