Vaayadi Petha Pulla From Kanaa Streaks With 50 Million Love Now

There are certain creations in world of art that gets beyond critical analysis and instantly and become the personal cheery picks. Especially, it remains so much in adherence with rare songs that encompasses relationships, bonding, emotions and joy. In an absolute manner, “Vaayadi Petha Pulla” from Kanaa featuring Sathyaraj , Aishwarya Rajesh, and Darshan in lead roles has become an appealing illustration by striking up with 50 Million views in YouTube.

“Sometimes, it happens that certain joy comes in uncalled for manner and we are left speechless. Such happens to be our situation now where the abundant love of music lovers and listeners has been showered upon Vaayadi Petha Pulla. I would say, it’s a complete team effort and I thank Music director Dhibu Ninan Thomas and lyricist GKB for creating an exquisitely beautiful song that nurtures the father-daughter joviality and joy together. Moreover, I thank Dhibu for creating a good memory along with my daughter Aaradhana, which I can cherish lifetime. I am happy that the song has found 50 Million love now and has become a favourite for many. I earnestly thank Vaikom Vijayalakshmi madam for her graceful rendition. The sweetness of the song is enlivened through the cute voice of Aradhana. Beyond all, I am thankful to my friend and filmmaker Arunraja Kamaraj for creating a good memory that I can carry across years. He was the first one to come up with idea of bringing me and daughter Aaradhana together for this track. ” says Sivakarthikeyan, who is producing this film for Sivakarthikeyan Productions.

He furthermore adds that the post-production work is happening on full swing and the theatrical trailer will be released shortly.