Kamal Haasan Launches ‘Raudram’ the Women Safety Mobile Application


On a day to day life single women, young girls, mothers and women of all ages are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The solitary and accompanied hunters search for the prey on the streets, public transport and public spaces. The crime against women is sky rocketing and it’s a shame that we top the world’s most perilous destination for women. While some weep and crawl under the cot in terror, Rest fight the ominous war on the street. How looking at the statistics going to confront the hideous truth. News from all over the country on women being raped beaten and killed flashes in front of us every now and then. We are done with candle light marches and protests denouncing the frail status of our women, now it’s time we take it personal. Raudhram is the machete every woman should carry along with her.

Raudhram Application

A modern day Brahmastra Mantram Activated by a press of a button, how convenient is that? Keep your closed ones posted about your safety on any distressing situation. Fastest and more convenient way of alarming your closed ones on your safety. The power button literally translates to a powerful button, we at Raudhram call it the PANIC Button. The SOS design just requires your mobile device to have sufficient battery to operate on any network and doesn’t require you to have any minimum balance. Operating the Application as simple as a 3 year old playing a game. When the victim detects a distressing situation all she needs to do is just press the power button of the mobile thrice and the signal is sent the processing unit on the device, and it activates the front and back camera which takes pictures and records a 10 second video and sends it to our

Raudhram server and sends a text message along with the GPS coordinates to the three preconfigured emergency contacts on the Application without even unlocking the device. On receiving the alert Raudhram’s well trained rescue professionals will reach the location at the earliest and save the victim.

Grievance Cell

Raudhram also focuses on bringing public nuisance to notice, Along with the SOS design we have also developed and integrated a grievance cell option in the Raudhram Application. When you come across any public nuisance you can report it to the concern department through the Application .A toll free number is also given where on filing a complaint the complainer would be given a ticket number with a TAT of 15 days and the team Raudhram will follow up and update the status to the complainer.

Let’s Join Hands in Making a Safer and a Better India !