Raatchasan Audio Launch Stills

With plethora of promising movies consistently making its way from the stores of Vishnu Vishal, here is one among them titled RAATCHASAN that has already made the film buffs, especially the fervent lovers of Crime-Mystery -Thriller have been inquisitively looking up for the film’s arrival on big screens on October 5. Much prior to this, Ghibran’s splendid songs were launched this evening (September 25) at Prasad Lab in Chennai that was graced by entire cast and crew. The event commenced with the screening of RAATCHASAN visual promos and lyric videos.

Producer G Dilli Babu offered his welcome speech saying, “Axess Film Factory has been attempting to make content based movies and RAATCHASAN happens to be the fourth production venture. I am so happy that the film has come out well with the efficient work of Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul and others in the team including magnificent spell by music Director Ghibran. I am sure everyone will love this film.”

He continued to add later saying, “Axess Film Factory always owns a unique pattern of finalising the content first and then go for the artists. So was the film RAATCHASAN that impressed me on the first note. When Ram Kumar narrated me the story, I was completely astonished how a filmmaker who established himself with a comedy Caper like Mundasupatti. But he just told me that he came to industry with this script, but many advised him to get-go with humour script. This isn’t going to be a routine crime-thriller but will be an emotional one. Trident Arts Ravindran sir came forward voluntarily saying that he would like to get associated with the film. But I obliged him to watch the film first and he went by my words. After watching the film, he promised that he would be associated with every film that Axess Film Factory produces, which is a boon to us.”

Actor Vishnu Vishal said, “The journey between Mundasupatti and Raatchasan goes a long way as we had many twists and turns that brought me and Ram Kumar together again. I am really proud that producer G Dilli Babu owns so much of passion for films. We started the film at a budget and it exceeded above the line. Nevertheless, he remained calm and composed as he was completely inclined with more confidence upon the film. Well, Amala Paul would have told you all about her first meeting with Ram Kumar. She was so much involved about the film and gave her best into her character. Finally, I am so happy that everyone who has already saw the film have been appreciating me that it’s the best till the date in my career. I am happy that the film is hitting screens on October 5. If this film is not going to be a hit by any chance, I promise here that I will do one more Film for this great producer.”

Actress Amala Paul started off her speech on a jocular note saying, “When Ram Kumar narrated me the story for the first time, I was really unclear about the plot, for he didn’t even look at my face. Later, when I rang up Vishnu Vishal, he said that Ram is a shy person and cleared the doubts involving script with him. Apparently, as the film went on floors, I just realised one thing that filmmakers with less words prove to be more genius. In fact, after watching the trailer, I just sent him a message saying Ram you are a genius.

Vishnu Vishal has become a best buddy to me and I like him for his outspoken gesture. He has broken the ice of myth of becoming a great actor with clarity and self confidence. Everyone in the technical team has done an incredibly best job.

When it comes to mystery thrillers, we always remain in awe of International movies, but am sure after watching RAATCHASAN, everyone will be so proud out here for having seen such a movie.”

Director Ramkumar said, “Its been four years that I met all the media and press. I want to make use of this opportunity to thank each and everyone for making this film come out as I envisaged. The reason why I am so confident about the film is the 100% effort from every actor and technician. First and foremost, I have to thank Producer G Dilli Babu for believing that Director of Mundasupatti will prove the best with a crime thriller. I was resented by nearly 20 producers and 10 heroes, who liked the film but couldn’t judge it. His confidence with whole heartedness helped me give more efforts into the film. If the film is turning to be a success, Ghibran holds major contribution towards it.”

Music Director Ghibran said, “There are few films that gives rapid increase in heartbeat by the time of release. Although I have worked in many challenging projects, RAATCHASAN has evoked such a feel in me. I am so happy that Ram Kumar has delivered what he had narrated me. Even I had a strange doubt whether he would be delivering what he narrated. But the output looks so much promising and am sure, everyone will love it.”

SKYLARK Pictures Sridhar said, “We at Skylark are overjoyed teaming up with Ram Kumar and entire team. Recently, I happened to screen the film for my friend. Soon after the First half, he just said SUPER and second half was much more fabulous. I am sure this will be same on October 5 as well in theatres.”

Actor Kaali Venkat said, “I am so much exhilarated about the proficient attempt of Ram Kumar for changing his route completely from his maiden Directorial that was a comedy Caper. But he had to go through a painstaking phase with patience and hard work to prove his potential in a different premise.”

Cinematographer Shankar said, “Every actor and technician in the film have given their best and I am really happy that the film has come out very well. It will be an engaging movie to watch along with family for 150 mins duration..”