Vaibhav And Nandita Swetha Share Screen Space For Taana

The overflowing season of supernatural comedies have never made the audiences pushed into boredom. Naturally, everyone loves a blend of experience of tickles our funny bones with chills on our spines. This has been the magic of such an amalgamated mixture working out its finest results. However, it’s a toughest task to get involved as an auteur to bring up things with appropriate perfection. Here comes TAANA directed by Yuvaraj Subramani, which is being crafted with an uttermost motto to enthrall the audiences, especially the lovers of this genre.

“The success of supernatural comedies lies beneath an impeccable formula, where even the greatest eeriness offers a kind of exciting smile on your lips along with shivery pecks on nerves. Filmmaker Yuvaraj Subramani has understood its core essentiality and narrated me a script, which made me enjoy thoroughly. This is a kind of script that instantly made me believe that it would score brownie points with every sector of audiences,” says producer M.C. Kalaimamani of Nobel Movies.

While sharing about the star-cast, producer opines, “Vaibhav has always remains on his closest to this genre of supernatural comedy proving his best through the movies like ‘Hello Naan Pei Pesuren’. Nandita Swetha is one among the rarest actors, who can give a spontaneous emoting spell towards any situations. Significantly, with such a perfect choice of actors including Yogi Babu and Pandiarajan preferred by director, I felt everything is set in right place. In particular, Yogi Babu will have a prominent role than being just a routine witty amuser. His characterization would be found throughout the film, which will be enjoyed by audience.”

The technical crew comprises of Vishal Chandrasekar (Music), Shiva.GRN (Cinematography), G.K. Prasanna (Editing), Satish Krishnan (Choreography), Pasar N.K.Rahul (Art), Kooty (Stunt), Keerthi Vasan (Costume Designer) and 24AM (Designs).

With H.S. Khan as the co-producer and V. Suthanthiramani as the production head, M.C. Kalaimamani is producing this film for Nobel Movies.