Chandru Kr’s Directorial Edge-Seated Psychological Thriller Starts Rolling

Psychological thrillers have never missed to establish its realms to a greater stretch. In fact, it’s been a genre that gets spontaneously strikes deep into the attention of audiences. By nature, it has even claimed an impeccable success across all cohorts and here comes one more joining the league. Bankrolled by Rise East Creations, the film tentatively titled as ‘PRODUCTION NO.2’ is directed by Chandru KR with Dheeraj and Dhusshara playing the lead roles.

Producer Sagar says, “Every producer would utter the same instantaneous words “I was impressed with the narration of director that made me feel so much conscious not of letting it go into another hands.” But as far as it is concerned with me, I am a hardcore buff of psychological thrillers and have never missed any films of this genre. When director Chandru KR came up with his narration, it was like I am the most privileged person to watching such a film even before anyone has a glimpse on it. In the first place, it was so much enthralling to hear the script as an audience for the kind of twists and turns that he placed at unexpected points.”

Adding more about the project, Sagar says, “There’s always a risk factor involved with the psychological thrillers, where even an extra dose of its treatment would create resentments among the audiences. Nonetheless, filmmaker Chandru KR has scrupulously handled these aspects to ensure that it is received well.”

Others in the star-cast include Pradhayini, Meera Mithun, Radha Ravi, Ajay, Surekha Vani, Aashiq, Lizzie, Senthil Kumaran, Sharath and Rajalakshmi.

The technical crew comprises of Balasubramaniam (DOP), KP (Music), Poornima Ramasamy (Costume Designer), Kathir Natarasan (Screenplay), Sabu Joseph (Editor), Maga Murugan (Art), Linish Prasad (Executive Producer), Chinnamanur Sathish Kumar (Production Executive), SP Suresh (Stills), Sync Cinema (Sound Design).

Currently, the shooting of this film is happening on full swing and will be completed in a span of shorter duration.