Designing Costumes For Seema Raja Had Its Own Challenges Upon Me – Anu Parthasarathy

However powerful a character might be or its premise of script, they get embellished through the costumes. Of course, when it comes to the task of projecting a character, costume plays a major role in offering a perfect shape. Having worked for two decades in the industry as a costume designer, Anu Parthasarathy has woven her fame through decorous works. While there’s an anonymous assumptions that designing costumes for a rural based film is a pretty easy task, Anu rubbishes them saying, “ Designing costumes according to what the script demands is my job and it’s a tough job , a rural look has its own challenges and u need to give it a look that looks impressive in color and style and for me working on Seema Raja was very interesting to etch Sivakarthikeyan’ Sir’s entire look .

Sivakarthikeyan Sir ‘s costumes for Seema Raja against a rural backdrop has a mix of an indo western look and his accessories were specially designed and the director was very particular that Siva sir will look totally different in this film , as the script demands that .
Siva Sir’s look in the film has linen shirts and linen kurtha’s specially dyed and stitched , colors were discussed with the DOP Balu Sir and Ponram Sir and we created his look and worked on the colors .

The most challenging was to work on the ‘prince look’ which had loads of references and theory to read , to make him look the character is my job and with the directors guidance we could and it’s been extremely challenging for me .

Each song had a concept and for siva we worked on his colors the fabric with a lot of detailing . We wanted the rural look to have a balance of blending his look with style that goes with the rural background. Discussions on Siva Sir’s intro song his linen Kurtha look every change we have made sure he had the right accessories to go with his look .

The director wanted certain accessories for siva which were specially made and we created a look accordingly. Be it the scenes or song sequences every change has its own detailing from fabric to color and this is what the director wanted for Siva Sir .

Scheduled to hit screens on September 13 for the festive occasion of Vinayagar Chathurthi, RD Raja is producing the film for 24AM Studios.