Door No 403 Will Be A Reflective Journey Of Love, Friendship And Emotions – Yasmeen

What looks like a mere number to you could happen to be a bundle of emotional memories to cherish, moisten the eyes with peck of pain too. While walking through the streets or corridors, where we find lots of Door Nos, have we ever felt there lies behind tales to see, hear and journey with it? So will be filmmaker Yasmeen’s Door No.403 that has a story to visit from a successful man’s memory down the lane.

“Door No. 403 will be a reflective journey of love, friendship and emotions of Saga, a successful film star. With clicks, flashes and spotlights never turning away from him, he is invited to a Talk show, where each question asked over there lets the nostalgias and memories of the journey that he undertook across the rocky roads to success. Especially, his four friends, who had projected their realms of love, friendship and feelings into his world,” says Yasmeen.

Evidently, this gives an instant assumption that Door No. 403 is going to be a pretty much intense emotional story to handle. But Yasmeen clears off such buzzing bees and immediately continues, “Yes, there are emotions, but it’s handled with rollicking comedy, which treads through the misadventures of this eccentric bunch, who never intend to give upon each other, despites the toughest odds.”

Furthermore, offer a sneak delineation of each actor and characters, she says, “Gokul Anand the befittingly perfect chap for the role of Saga following which Pooja Devariya added up each and every essence that her character Madhu demanded. Her character coalescing the romantic kisses and workplace meltdowns will be a stud of her journey here. From the Praveen Kumar happened to be the modest among the lot. Harini Ramakrishnan was the source of chirpy energy, carrying the mood of series on her shoulders making it more memorable. Finally, not to miss our most-loved Syed, who kept everyone enchanted with his sense of humour. I’m sure; audience will feel the same as they watch the series.”

Adding more about Gokul Anand, Yasmeen says that the actor sporting three different looks for the character’s span of 3-yrs journey will be one of the greatest highlights. Yet another cherry pick of Door No. 403 would be cameos played by 6 prominent actors – Oorvasi, Premgi, Ma Ka Pa, Aravind Akash, Sriranjani, Vijay Varadaraj, Abdul etc.

Sharing her experience associating with Production Company TrendLoud, she says, “Their ideologies might look unique and different, but they have never missed to facilitate the comfort zone for director’s demands and necessities. The entire team stood strong besides me enlightening me about the challenges I would face during the process of making. Of course, with their support, things were felt easy.”

Totting up with her words on ‘Door No. 403’ family, Yasmeen winds up says, “Without Viu, this family isn’t complete. Things got bigger when they were onboard for Door No. 403. Their International domain and the kinds of contents they have delivered on the global panorama made me elated to deliver this through them. Resonating with the perspective of contemporary youth cohort, they have been striding successful in offering them what they look for.”

Impressing the International span of audiences over its digital platform of incessant entertainment, ViU has always drawn more attractions. In such a contextual illustration, Casa Grand has come onboard posing as ‘Title Sponsor’ for Door No. 403. With major portions set against the home backdrops, it has been filmed across various exotically beautiful properties of Casa Grand.