Nibunan Great Response From The Public And Movie Critics

Success of any Investigation thriller movie depends on the intensity, twist and unexpected elements in the screenplay with a very carefully incorporated casting. Nibunan, a investigation-cop thriller which has hit the theatres has been receiving great response from the public and movie critics and the very positive word of mouth is bringing in more and more audience day by day and ultimately resulting in the increase in the number theatres from 285 to around 310. This crime thriller starring ‘Action King’ Arjun, Prasanna, Varalakshmi and Shruthi Hariharan has been directed by Arun Vaidyanathan, cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna and the music is handled by Navin. Apparently this hit marks ‘Action king’ Arjun’s 150th movie. The audience are said to spell bound by Arjun’s performance and karisma on screen. After Mankatha, audience seem to gaga over his role and performance in Nibunan. Prasanna’s unusual cop character, his humourous performance, Navin’s very impressive background scores and the technical brilliance the movie boasts of couple with the fantastically woven screenplay has clicked with the audience in a massive way. Nibunan’s success has been a much needed breath of fresh air to Tamil film industry which went through torrid time after GST issues.

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