Vanamagan Movie Stills


It is a well known news and fact that all the songs in Vanamagan have become an instant hit among the audience and mudic lovers. The tracks ” damn damn” and ” yemma yea alagamma” from Vanamagan are not only a musical hit but also a visual treat !!! Director Vijay who is known for giving his special attention to the songs and it’s visuals has given us couple of gems through Vanamagan. The biggest highlight of “damn damn” is legendary Prabhu deva choreographing it. His touches and brilliance are there for every one to see !!! Heroine Sayeesha must be credited for pulling of Prabhu deva’s moves with such efficiency. This song is a treat for music and dance lovers .

“Yemma yea alagamma ” is another masterpiece in Vanamagan. Another hit from the hit combo of Harris Jesaraj and Bombay Jeyashree !!! This song is all about a beautiful soulful melody- wonderful singing -sensually great choreography by Brindha master- aesthetically shot by dop Thiru and beautifully performed by the graceful Jeyam ravi and gorgeously talented Sayeesha. This song has hit and wow written all over it . With the release of these two song videos the expectation for Vanamagan has reached sky high !!!

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