Bench Flix’s next short film ‘GREY’ is based on the concept of ‘TAOISM’

‘Identifying the unidentified young talented filmmakers’ is the main motto of Bench Flix, which is considered to be one of the top notch Short film Promoters in South India. They are introducing several budding talents to Tamil film industry who always thinks out-of-the-box. Bench Flix’s next finding is Director Sharath K Bhaskaran, who has come up with the short film called ‘GREY’. Innocence once lost can never be regained and darkness once gazed upon, can never be lost is the one line story of GREY.

A youngster from abroad comes to India for his brother’s wedding and from the moment his brother picks him up from the Airport, a debate conversation starts between them. But when his brother stops the car and get down to meet his business partner, the situation changes. GREY reveals a powerful concept: The war is never ending. There is no absolute good or absolute bad in this world. There is always a shade of Grey in everything.