Bench Flix’s next short film ‘KA’ reveals the greatest punishment – Guilt

Short films play a vital role in the film industry, and Bench Flix that acts as one of the best short film promoters is expanding their wings by giving out quality creations to the Audience. Young and talented budding filmmakers consider Bench Flix as the best platform to introduce themselves to the film industry. After the release of various genre short films, Bench flix has now come up with a powerful content oriented short film called – KA, directed by Siva.

Guilt is the greatest punishment of all. When guilt hits you, you can do nothing but surrender. This is the one line story of KA. A young doctor, who bothers only about himself and not about his parents or his girl friend, accidentally hits a person by his car. Instead of helping him, he starts his car and speeds away. What happens next is the interesting plot of KA.