‘Bench Flix’ comes up with a new idea called ‘Eagle Eye’

The only bird which can fly above the rainfall is Eagle, and hence it is called as ‘King of Birds’. Its eyesight will be 4 to 8 times stronger than that of an average human. What happens if a short film emerges from this powerful ‘Eagle Eye’ core concept…? The answer will be revealed by the short film ‘Kazhugu Paarvai’ which is being promoted by one of the leading short film promoters, ‘Bench flix’.
‘Beware of what you say and what you do. Someone could be watching you. No one escapes from Eagle Eye (Kazhugu Paarvai…)’ is the core concept of the short film. A young school boy is kidnapped by certain groups for a ransom. They have got a master plan to somehow get that money, but there is a plan for those groups too… which will be monitored by the ‘Eagle Eye’ (Kazhugu Paarvai).