‘Prabhu Deva’ launches the Anthem of ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’

It is a must to say that the theme song  “Namma Payaluga makka Namma Payaluga…Katta Bommanoda Pera Payaluga…” of the team ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’  gives us the perfect flavor of Tuticorin and Nellai Districts. The team ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ owned by ‘Albert Muralidharan’(top most bidder in TNPL – 2016) has launched their Logo, Anthem and Jersey today in ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The Grand event has witnessed the presence of very special guest Prabhu Deva and Director Vijay. It is to be noted that the anthem “Namma Payaluga” was directed by Director Vijay, Composed by GV Prakash, Written and sung by Arunraja Kamaraja, Captured in the camera by Jeeva Shankar,Edited by Anthony and choreographed by Baba Shankar.

Initially the logo and jersey of TUTI PATRIOTS that is designed with Palm leaves, Pearl, Soil, Ship and Sea was launched by Dr.Kumaran, one of the Directors of TUTI PATRIOTS. “This is really a proud moment for our whole team ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’. Day by day, my love towards Cricket is increasing faster and I am pretty sure that TUTI PATRIOTS will give its best in this TNPL 2016…” says Dr.Kumaran.

“It was a great and joyful experience to me for directing this Namma Payaluga Anthem. I feel really happy to see that Murali Sir, Kumaran Sir and Prakash Sir are very passionate about their team. They have taken a good effort for the exposure of young talents especially those who are in the south belt. I wish TUTI PATRIOTS – Namma Payaluga a very Good Luck…” says Director Vijay with enthusiasm.

“To be very honest, I have never expected this much grand in the TUTI PATRIOTS anthem. Before this launch, my good friend Director Vijay has shown me this anthem video and I got pretty much attraced to that. Till now I have watched it for almost five times. I convey my hearty wishes to the whole team. ‘TUTI PATRIOTS’ – NAMMA PAYALUGA is simply Mass…” says Prabhu Deva in greater joy.

Dinesh Karthik  after performing a step or two for the anthem said ” TNPL will be a great platform for the un heralded youngsters to perform. Iam eager and anxious to play along with this emerging talents”.
” Shooting for a song and dancing for it too is a new experience. The responsibility of being a senior makes me feel big” said L Balaji.

The ever energetic Abhinav Mukund chose this stage to prove his talent of singing.
The event was very colorful and energetic true to the spirit and nature of the district it represents.