Allu Arjun Spreads His Wings In Tamil Nadu In A Big Way

Allu Arjun who had stormed into the stardom with his enviable energy on and off the screen in the Telugu speaking states makes his presence felt in Tamil Nadu in a big way. His much expected and super hyped #En Peru Surya en veedu India is all set to set the screens on fire from tomorrow , the 4th of May.

“Allu Arjun is a hot property for the exhibitors now. Plagued by the slow response from the audience to the theatres after the strike, the Exhibitors by and large expressed their joy by accommodating En peru Surya en veedu India in many screens possible. As of now we have confirmed 207 screen in Tamil Nadu for both Tamil and Telugu version. Considering the entertainment value and commercial elements blended with sentiments EPS EVI will be the much needed entertainer to the Tamil audience” declared B Sakthivelan of Film factory.

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