Cleo Book Launch Event Stills

Cheif Guests

Mr.Badri Seshadri – Founder, New Horizon media.

Mr.Mohan Raja – Film Director

Mr.Srikanth Meenakshi – Founder& COO Funds India

Dr.S.Yamuna – Paediatrician

Mr. Madhan Karky – Lyricist

Mr.N.Gopikrishnan – Executive Producer

Ms.Shylaja Chetlur Actor

Mr. Krishnan Jayaraj, Director

Mr.Anjan Cariappa – Animation specialist

Ms. Deepa Ramanujam – Actor, Director

Ms. Jayashree Ravindran, Special Need Educator

Ms. Jayashree Nambiar, KFI The School, Principal

Dr.N.Ramakrishnan – Critical care & sleep specialist

Ms Sangeetha

CLEO is a book written by Anjali Venkatesh, a 14 year girl from Chennai. She is a dog lover, a proud student of KFI-The School, a brown belt Shito-Ryu karate student, an avid traveller, and a lover of books.

Cleo is the story of such a stray dog from Chennai who descends from a pedigree and then learns to live the street life. Cleo is a survivor. The element of being a “theru naai” to understanding how to survive on what we have and learning to be happy with it, is an emotion that is true to the spirit of Chennai.

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